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Southern Nevada
Museum of Fine Art
450 Fremont St
Suite 280
Las Vegas
NV 89101

southern nevada museum of fine art

The SNMFA Emporium provides a unique venue for artists to display their art that is for sale.

The Museum Emporium is located in a 17,000 sq ft. exhibition space adjacent to the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art.

The Emporium provides professional display and sales expertise to assist artists in expanding their market visibility, promote the sale of their art, and provides an opportunity to exhibit in other venues.

Amira de Maistre has elected to move the artwork which was exhibited at the third International Contemporary Masters Exhibits at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art to the Museum Emporium, part of the Las Vegas Museum, where her work will be displayed and available for sale for a six months period.

Amira de Maistre has also elected to donate some of her artwork to the Museum's Permanent Collection. She will receive a "letter of bequeathment" in November acknowledging the donation and will be listed as a contributing artist to the Permanent Collection.

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